Monday, June 29, 2009

Working with children and animals they say can be tricky!!

Unless the animal you wish to photograph have loves cheese.
Our friend who is also a photographer took these photos of our dog.
He was a good subject except for the drool.
If you are a boxer owner you will understand.

I asked Roger why he wanted to take photos of our boxer and his response's was "I was looking for a photographic dog."
He was great to take photos of and its always great to work with a like minded photographer on a nights muck around with the camera and a nice subject.
Check out the results of the 4 photos above.

Tech tip:

I think its important to build up a relationship with an animal you wish to photograph, pick your surroundings well, our lounge room was perfect, we set up a stand well behind the dog, draped with black material, we used shiny fabric but it didn't reflect back at all.
He, the subject, was sitting on his "rug" in his surroundings, therefore comfortable with his surroundings, Roger and was very interested in the cheese.
Camera used was a D300 handheld, with external flash, and we used a piece of polystyrene sheet (out of a packing box) to diffuse light and bounce the light back towards our subject.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

not the usual sunday upload

Today rather than a photo or three ( well I may not be able to help myself later )
I thought I'd mention a subject that has got a few of the followers of digital-photography-school a little hot under the collar.

Steve Buchanan was a guest contributor on a story regarding basic food photography and how to set up your kit.

his comment below:

"1. Any Canon or Nikon DSLR.
I don’t care how many mega pixels, or if it shoots video, or whether its full frame or dx sized. Just so you like it and you’re comfortable using it. I know Sony, Fuji, Pentax and others make perfectly good dslrs, but Canon and Nikon have the largest user base and accessory range, and that will be important to you some day. Also, when it’s time to upgrade, Canon and Nikon usually have a better resale value. My primary camera is a Canon 5D.

Now the dynamic editor and founder of the site: Darren put a comment up underneath this piece as I'm sure his eyebrows went up too... ( you can almost hear him thinking: uh oh!!)

"From the Editor (Darren Rowse): Thanks to Stephen for this post. Of course his point on Canon/Nikon cameras is probably going to cause some debate (going on past experience).
I’m more than happy for this debate to happen below - just please be civilized.
For the record - DPS loves great images - not any particular brand of camera.

If you can take a great shot with a Sony, Pentax, Sigma or even a Kodak… that’s fantastic!
Use what your finances, preferences and situation leads you to and keep shooting!"

So far as of today there has been 42 responses to the story and its growing...
everyone has an opinion it seems on their equipment.

And you guessed so do I:

"I don't think its about the gear I think its about the person behind the lens.
I have seen some fantastic photos taken with very basic point and shoot cameras.
& of course I have seen some fantastic photos taken with high end cameras as well.
Its about technique, individual style and portrayal of the subject by the artist behind the lens.
The output, the result on what ever medium, paper, canvas etc is the MOST EXCITING THING!"

(For the record I have many cameras but my fav's are my Nikon D300 and my Samsung Pro 915.)

I'm sure this debate has gone on much like Holden and Ford cars- forever.
But I love it when feathers are ruffled in the chook house and nothing spices it up like a good o'l equipment debate.
It gets everyone thinking about their favourite passion: photography.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

old farms and old machinery

Just resting, thats what they are doing, just waiting for that flurry of activity. when they will once again be at their peak performance of racing around the paddock, harvesting,chopping and ploughin..

Could be a long wait...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Reflections one

mmmm reflections....all photographers love reflections..
"Success is not measured by what one brings, but rather by what one leaves." unknown

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scan art? To scan or not to scan.

that is the question....
Scan art? What the fudge?

Its a fun way of using your scanner for less serious things. is a website devoted to the art of scanning, there is some interesting effects I must say , I have only just scraped the surface.
From abstract, animal, botanical, illustrative, movement, objects and painting on scanner to portraits…weird and wonderful!

There are some interesting portrait works by Cassandra Leopold, check her blog out:

See Jamie’s unusual technique for painting on glass on his scanner and the results he has come up with :

On, Chris’s ability to turn everyday objects in to scan art, animals and insects help him to be ever so creative. Lots of explanations as well.

See my first attempts with the leaves.
Now I can begin to play with beads and nuts and seedpods on sticks..... what fun!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just five minutes old

Just 5 minutes old, this black angus calf hasnt even walked yet, his mother intent on cleaning him up before his first adventure on plant earth.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Marysville and the Triangle; Buxton,Taggerty,Narbethong pre fires

How I loved this village of Marysville and region, its people, its businesses, its sense of place and its PASSION for tourism, nature and business.
The tourism and visitor services were my highlight each week.
So pretty.
Especially loved the views from Keppels lookout, Gallipoli Park and those gorgeous trees along Gould drive.
Support the businesses if you can that are there - check out:
Marysville will be back.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Fun in the sun,
lapping water,
big ships,
long piers,
long walks on the beach,
rock hopping,
seafood at local resturants and cafes,
boats and boat houses…ohh what is not to like?
Must book that holiday now…

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Portraits of friends and family

For some getting your photograph taken is fun, for some its horrible, they may feel they are not photogenic enough, or may have concerns about their hair, face etc...

if they are comfortable, focussed on other things or other thoughts...
sometimes you can get a great shot.
If they are friends and partners sometimes they have no choice but to smile for the camera.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Iris – my flower fascination continues

Don't you just love Irises, my neighbours have given us some bulbs, clients too and they have grown well!!
Check out the colours, isn't the world is a prettier place with such colour ?

Irises just make people smile when they see them.
Yes i know such a r o m a n t i c.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Still life, some times can be easy, get the light right and snap away!!
But as gardening isnt my strong point i have to work fast if i have a flowering shrub or bush!
I'm very lucky as I'm surrounded by clever gardeners who have sensational gardens.
They allow me to sneek in shoot away!
More tommorrow.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Roses 2

I was given this rose by a friend and I saw it sitting there being lonely and thought to myself
I want to play with you, my camera and some lighting.
So with a piece of corflute and my other half’s torches I played.
I worked with shadows, lighting and different isos, speeds and fstops.
I really don’t like the norm, I have really enjoyed the darker photos, the B/W's and some of the layer art was great fun too!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Its great to be able to discover what you can about how light and glass interact with your camera.

NOT that im one for carrying sheets of glass around and photographing them or through them...
well maybe...see what you think.
The first one is dam water affected glass, a very old sheet,that is very thick with a reflection of a sunset peeking through an old pine tree.

The second one is a newer piece of glass held up in front of the camera. The shot was of tree branches reflected in the running water.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Old cars and fellow friends

Old cars and fellow friends

I just love how two people can perceive, view and extract different thoughts, emotions and feelings from the same photograph.

I took some photos of an old Chrysler rusting quietly in a shed many years ago.
After cropping the original image I started playing with the image in Photoshop.

A friend of ours was over and he looked at what I was doing on the screen and said can I have a go?
So we took the image back to its original cropped state and he began to play.

With my image I thought the interaction between the badge and the radiator was important, the cobwebs showing its age and its immobility was secondary.
I over exaggerated the detail as I felt this was part of the age and texture of the car, I enjoyed the fact that the cap had long gone and that the rust could be enriched by colour enhancement.

Our friend thought the radiator and the cobwebs needed to be the main focus of the image and he blurred the foreground to highlight the cobwebs.
He didn’t over exaggerate the rust and texture as he wanted the focus to be on the
radiator and the cobwebs.

Can you see the difference?
Which one do you prefer?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Food, glorious food

I love taking food shots for clients and for groups I'm involved with.

Some times I'm taking the photos in very challenging situations, but the secret is to get in close and make sure you have great lighting.
And dare to be different.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Creatures and little furry things

The best time is at night to see what is in the garden after dark!

The first spider was in our garden for months, spinning night after night her golden thread.

The other was a blurry movement of a different spider, not a perfect result but I still love the activity and the flurry!

Although the last of the photos are not spiders and was taken in summer time in the heat of the afternoon, they were just shells…. no one was home.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cropping Queen

I am with out a doubt the biggest cropping queen, I love to crop photos and make them come alive!
Here is a night shot, on the side of the road with lots of flash taken a few years ago and some of my ceramics from a previous life.