Sunday, May 31, 2009

Black and white -landscape

There is something timeless and beautiful about black and white photography.
I first learnt about cameras and photography doing a black and white photography course.
I always feel I'm going back to basics when I go in search of a black and white shot.
I always love seeing and admiring black and white wedding photography, landscapes, family shots, fruit, portraits and the like.
Wedding photography is something i havent done and dont want to do.
But I am still interested in people who are fantastic at their craft.
Saw a particularly inspiring shot the other day on a website I follow.
The shot was of a wedding couple, portrait orientated on
The story seemed to be for me about the fact that they have the world at their feet, but the world was all around. The strength of the shot, the magnitude of the trees, the delicate image of the couple was wonderfully emotive. it!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Our region has gone through the worst natural disaster with the
bushfires of Black Saturday 7 February 2009.
As I photograph around the region like most locals here I am amazed at nature’s recovery.
Trees that you may consider felling have signs of life.
It’s pretty as we near the end of Autumn to see the contrast of the blackened trees with the greens and reds (in some cases almost fluorescent) sprout through the burnt bark.

more textures

can be seen as almost abstract-
First one is from last winter; I thought it looked like a satellite image.

The second one is like a Monet painting of gum trees in our street.
So very interesting what the camera sees.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Textures and shapes

There are many interesting shapes and textures to photograph that can be found around the house and garden.

The first is a water bottle with condensation,
the second is a spider web at night,
the third is some lovely cherries on photocopying paper.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ps Layer Art

Here are some interesting layer art pieces that started their lives as photos.
These are lots of fun!
Fabulous printed out and framed too!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Those damn birds!

Just Kidding!!LOL, I really love birds just they are the most difficult to photograph as they wait until your ready to take the shot and then they move..

pesky little buggers!

My best friends mum takes the best bird photos but she has lots of how’d you say in French?



Photo Mosaics is a photograph been divided into (usually equal sized) rectangular, square, triangular or similar sections which is been replaced by another photograph of appropriate colour.
Started by Joseph Francis in 1993 and the fad has grown to now being
3D scatter mosaics as seen on American Idol.

Way too cool not to play with!

Found the neatest little programme to turn photos in to mosaic photos, see a portrait of the other half and a local landscape of Mt Cathedral.

Properties of Murrindindi

This was a project I embarked on about 12 months ago, life got in the way a little and as such the project is not complete, but I have had the privilege of photographing some of the most beautiful properties in our shire.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Panoramas – Yarra Ranges

Yarra Valley wine, vines, events, food and sensational views.

Panoramas – Mansfield

Mt Buller is the peak for snow and 360 views!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Panoramas - Murrindindi

This is where my face lights up.
Everyone likes to cast their eyes across a landscape, some like early morning, some like sunsets and for me:
I enjoy landscapes ANYTIME.
Above I have 3 of my favourites; one is my first 360 shot.
I was pretty pleased with myself.
See what you think of Murrindindi today, Mansfield and Yarra Ranges tommorrow.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Click go the shears

Got to love a great old woolshed, something weird, rustic and wonderful - only if they could talk; the stories, the folklore, the legends of sheep across the boards.
Of times gone past of a far simpler time of long hours, early morning starts and 220 sheep per shearer.

Click go the shears boys click click click..

They are great subjects for photos.
Some sheds are seeing their last shear…very sad

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Roses by any other name..

Are they really one cousin from the blackberry?
Heard that the other night and not being a green thumb I was greatly disturbed.

One might say they are easy to photograph they don’t move – but I have taken some shockers over the years and seen many others out there in happy snap land.

So I don’t feel so bad.

Here you only see three of my best.
2/3 were in my garden.

Surprising those who know my garden prowess would say.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Who doesn’t love a great sunset, makes you realise how pretty our world is.
Puts in to perspective how lucky I/we are to live here in the Upper Goulburn region.

Sunsets, oh I like to have the iso about 400 – 800 to capture that colour and F stops that carry on for a few stops whilst the sun is going down.
They say that sunsets are better before the sun goes down, and there is nothing like being up somewhere high to capture the sun disappearing beyond hills.

The purple shot was up on a property nearby, it was a very warm night and we were getting water for the stock.
I actually won an award for that one but in a portrait orientation.
The landscape orientated shot is how it should have been,
for impact I chose to submit the other.

The red one was during the warmer weather too and the times of the 2006 fires.

The yellow one was from our backyard one evening, I love to see so many different colours and cloud formations.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Leaves, I promised more leaves..

The leaves, especially with Autumn tones and added bonus of a reflection fascinate me.
In a water bowl for the birds and the dog I can see autumn toned leaves (and a reflection) that have fallen in from the peach tree.

You can see here with a different depth of field and with and with out flash how different these shots can be.

The first shot ( just above the text) has no flash and im concentrating on the foreground.
The second shot I use a flash and im concentrating on the foreground.
The third shot I have focused on the background – the reflection.

The forth shot I have played with the image in Photoshop, adjusted tones, colour and contrast, played with curves and finally a beautifier filter from Red Paw. Its very dark and somewhat mystical.

Then there were some leaves still left on the peach tree, I couldnt resist.
Again playing in Photoshop this time cropped, and played with curves until it became polorised. They are now green witha silvery background.


I really wanted to see what it looked like on the blog with a black back ground.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


There is something very sweet about freshly off the tree picked apples.
There are even poems about this sweet fruit.

Sing to the tune: I'm a Little Teapot
I'm a little apple, short and round,
I make a munchy, crunchy sound,
If you bite into me you will see
I'm delicious as can be!
By Christina

As they have been picked by the other half I thought I better take some shots. See what you think about our pink ladies.

Lisa Rudd & public art in Yea

I just love the public art pices that are showing up in our shire now.

Its taken years, lots of community consultations, working with like minded organistions, seeking funding and acceptance and the result is the deep connection between communities, the space and the artists.
Wonderful wonderful art!

Of course we the public can appreciate the dressing up of sometime drab spaces. Or it gets our senses going and creates lots of disscusion!

Lisa’s work will leave a legacy for future generations that I think only some art mediums only aspire to.

I was pretty chuffed when Lisa asked me to take photos for her portfolio, here are two of the photos from the offerings.

More about Lisa can be found at
under don’t go Lisa.