Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Judges tips for photography comps

I recently had the pleasure of judging local photographs at an agricultural show and a clubs interclub challenge all in one week.

The standard was extremely high and there was a huge amount of effort in the under 18’s section which is fantastic as these are the photographers of tommorrow.

There were A and B grade images, monochromatic, prints and digital.

I struggle with the ideology in an open section that has analogue prints and digitally taken images up for judging together.
I must be strange, I like to judge digitally taken images against one another as I feel analogue is in a league of its own.

If we are to be judged should we be judged with our peers?

But as usual it was a fabulous experience and the range of subject matter and techniques and styles were amazing.

So what are my tips?

  1. Read the rules; ensure your photo is within the guidelines.

  1. Have a clean crisp neat mount for your prints; sometimes it’s literally points that separate 1st and 2nd.

  1. Ensure your photo is clear, its hard to judge an image that has been printed too large and the whole image is out of focus or too pixelated.

  1. Don’t have titles near the photo it can be distracting.

  1. Mount colour can be black or white or pick out a colour that is within your photo and match the mount to this.
    Make sure your mount colour doesn’t distract from the photo. ( and dont forget to place an arrow for the top of the print on the back - so we know which way up the print is to be viewed.)

  1. Photos  are usually judged on:

-       Impact
-       Composition
-       Technique
-       Presentation
-       Subject matter

Other items that come in to play are:

-       fitting within the sections heading,
-       the shows guidelines
-       creativity
-       lighting
-       style
-       centre of interest
-       colour balance
-       story telling

Digital images can be looked upon favourably with a neat boarder around them. 
Good luck with your next show!
I know I cant wait to judge again.

Friday, November 4, 2011

When does business responsibility end?

Saddened to hear of a friend purchasing a business the walk in walk out type.
All that was promised in the documents, stock control sheets etc were not as it seemed.
Missing passwords, memberships not up to date and mess on site to name a few concerns.

It’s a fact of life people who let businesses run down and or loose the plot with them just prior to the sale can damage the businesses reputation for the new owners.

How do you get over that?


1. Wipe the slate!

2. Clean up, sort the place out, put your mark on it.

3. Renew the memberships with enthusiasm; people will be excited to hear you have taken over ( and probably relieved )

4. Work out your new business hours to suit you and your customers and be consistent with your opening hours, people like to turn up to a premises to find its actually OPEN and welcoming.

5. Check out the staff, are they from the previous owners stock pile, are they doing more damage than good? (remember you are as only as good as your staff, brand and marketing will not get you over the line each week if you have rude staff and or staff who don’t have the same passion for your product.

6. Treat each customer the same, remember word of mouth is the fastest and best form of advertising, you want the old customers, the ones who walked away and those new customers to come in and notice the new management. Positive referrals spread fast!

7. Listen to each customer! Sure they may whinge about the previous people but if you listen and pick up how you can do better, its like having a review done on the business – as long as its constructive, if it’s a personal attack against the past owners their reasoning’s may go deeper than a failure of customer service.

8. It’s your business try new things, ask your best customers what they are looking for and NETWORK, join local groups and talk to other business owners. ( don’t get caught up in the gripeing or sad sacks - look for the bright and bubbly owners who are like minded.)

9. Listen to all the advice and pick out the best bits that suit you, your financial situation and your future goals for the business.

10. Have fun, running a business is hard work but enjoy it, “ better to be self employed than unemployed” Work hard, learn hard and you will reap the rewards.

Good luck I know you will do well!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

HOw do you run an event on and round Melbourne Cup day?

One way is to look at successful events that make it happen!

Don't get me wrong the Melbourne Cup is a crowd puller, remember its the race that stops a nation.... see some data on this:

Anyhoo one event I have been studying is the Marysville Sparkling Wine Festival.

Here is a small village that has survived from the Bushfires of 2009 that has come together as one community to showcase what it has to offer over five massive days.

The Sparkling festival on the cup day is one component of what is happening in and around Marysville.

Community engagement, community pride and the willingness to say WE ARE HERE COME VISIT US! is so evident in the happenings.

Community groups have all provided an attraction to showcase their strengths and achievements.

How did they get the word out?

Social media, word or mouth, adverts, pre press releases, Melbourne based radio adverts, hosting and linking up with different events, attracting different target markets, showcasing stalls featuring food and wine, things for the adults as well as the kids and the only sparkling festival in Australia... clever!

So many things happening ..
something for everyone....
as well as the big screens with the race on!

So don't miss out, get dressed up and join in - come along and see for your self..

pure marketing gold


Saturday, August 27, 2011

The team is off to melbourne for taste of melbourne

The Upper Goulburn Food and Wine region – Mansfield to Murrindindi will be showcased at this year’s Taste of Melbourne to be held at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. Melbourne’s Ultimate tasting menu event, the Taste of Melbourne will be held from Thursday 15 – Sunday 18 September 2011.

It’s a really nice way to treat yourself to a delicious day out!

The Upper Goulburn Food Wine and Culture Group, The Upper Goulburn Winegrowers Association and the Goulburn Strathbogie Olive Growers Association members have teamed up to be part of this endeavour to showcase our regions strengths collectively with our food and wine product.

The volunteer management team are Wendy Oates, Susan Kinloch, Sam Hicks, Lisa Wallace and Rob Mitchell and the team are happy to support the following businesses that are coming on board to be part of the four days:

Ashton Lodge Preserves, Buxton Ridge Winery, Delatite Winery, Emu Olives, Garners Heritage Wine, Great Divide Coffee, Hillcrest Olives, Hye Farm Olives, Kinloch Wines,
Lake Mountain Alpine Resort, Mansfield Regional Produce Store, Marraweeney Olives,
Maygars Hill Vineyard, Mount Bernard Olives, Oasis Olives and Ridge Grove Pickled Olives.

Come along and visit our the UG stand (no 80 G and H) at Taste of Melbourne and meet the makers of our regions’ best cool climate wines, olives and olive oils, preserves and chutneys, canapés from the new Lake Mountain restaurant and delicious delicacies from the Mansfield Regional Produce Store and more.

Now established as a ‘must attend event’ by food and wine lovers from Australia and beyond, Taste of Melbourne allows attendees to taste signature dishes from some of Melbourne’s best restaurants. Over four days there will be opportunities to meet award winning chefs, learn from demonstrations, take part in tastings and tutorials of fine wine and cheese, attendees can try out coffee and cocktail master classes and discover gourmet produce.

The groups acknowledge the sponsorship of the stand by Murrindindi and Mansfield Shire Councils.
Any further information about this event or if you are a small food producer who wishes to be involved (ring now as we have two sessions left) you can contact info@uge.asn.au or Sam on 5772 3227 or Lisa Wallace on 5772 0333

Friday, August 19, 2011

World Photography Day

"What's World Photography Day?

World Photography Day is all about celebrating photography and

remembering how special a photograph can be.
Today, we take our photographs for granted.

But next time you're flicking though photos from your last holiday, remember that there was once a time when photography didn't exist.

A time when those precious moments couldn't be captured, uploaded and shared.

On August 19th, celebrate photography and share your world with the world!"

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Networking networking and more networking is so important

Networking - some businesses just dont get it...

Networking is about sharing time with like minded businesses over a social glass of wine or food or seated at a conference.

Here you can introduce yourself and your products and services,
learn about a new busines or a busines that is unknown to you,
identify ways to link up and further sales, knowledge or simply promote your self to other businesses and or new customers...

its not hard and best of all


check out one such opportunity....

Upper Goulburn Regions Massive networking night
We are inviting producers, wine makers, olive/oil growers,
chefs, cooks and owners from restaurants, pubs, inns, cafes, and produce stores to be part of
The Upper Goulburn’s Food, Wine and Cultural Experience.
Small producers of wine and food such as cakes, pastries, dairy products, honey, nuts, jams, preserves, gourmet butchers, orchardists, nurseries, artists and sculptors, photographers and musicians are welcome to come along and network!
Come along see who how you can link up with other like minded businesses to enhance your business andour region by working together.

Byo a sample of your product for our brag table and most importantly your business cards!!

When: Monday 6 June 2011.
Time: 7 - 9pm.
Where: Rennies at Acheron - "Ariah Park"
132 Breakaway Road, Acheron.
Nibbles & drinks supplied - sample our Upper Goulburn fare
Cost: Its free - although you need to book - numbers are limited .

RSVP to Sam Hicks on 5772 3227/ 0427 723 227 or info@uge.asn.au
by 1 June 2010 - nearly to capacity book now so you dont miss out!

This opportunity is open to food, wine and cultural businesses across the Upper Goulburn region:
Murrindindi, Mitchell, Mansfield and Strathbogie shires

" The UGFWCG have held many of these nights over the past eleven years and each one has been highly successful"
Mitch MacRae - Buxton Trout and Salmon Farm and President of UGFWCG

Upper Goulburn Food Wine & Culture Group, Upper Goulburn Winegrowers Association and Goulburn Strathbogie Olive Growers Association
working together to promote our food, wine and cultural strengths.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Art of Photography show

Call For Entries!

Deadline May 17, 2011

(Sometimes you see these emails and think...okay this is worth a second glance- i felt last year the quality was outstanding and worth an entry!

Check out this blurb on the show.)


is an international exhibition of photographic art which will take place August 13 through October 16, 2011 at the elegant Lyceum Theatre Gallery, located in the historic Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego, California. This is the seventh year of this major photography competition and exhibition.


The online entry process is very easy, simply filling out a short registration form and then uploading your images as JPEG files. Images created via any form of photography will be accepted for consideration.


and entry information is available here. Additional details are in the FAQ page here.


Anne Lyden is the Judge for the Art of Photography Show 2011. Ms. Lyden is the Associate Curator of Photography at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

Ms. Lyden is highly esteemed in the global photographic community,

so it's a significant honor to be selected by her.

Check out a special PDF with information about the Art of Photography Show by clicking here.


$2,000 1st Place Award $1,600 2nd Place Award $1,200 3rd Place Award

$800 4th Place Award $ 400 (11) Honorable Mention Awards


We are producing a superb Show Catalog, which will feature every image in the Show and an artist statement about the work. Artists who are in the Show can obtain as many copies of the Show Catalog as they like for free, which can be used for promotion and marketing of their work.


The Art of Photography Show will be pursuing an intensive marketing and publicity campaign to bring maximum media attention to the artists who are juried into the exhibition.

Over 30,000 people are expected to view the Show during the nine week run at the Lyceum Theatre gallery, which is open (free) seven days a week.

So, the artists and their work will receive a tremendous amount of exposure by the media and the public.


One of our key aims is to sell the work that is exhibited at the Art of Photography Show 2011. Our great love of this art form prompts us to 'pull out all of the stops' in order to showcase a truly excellent presentation of photographic art, to elevate and promote this art form, and to provide substantial benefits to the exhibiting artists.

For more information please contact the Producer, Steven Churchill:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

photo opportunities

If your a photo nut like me you will carry your camera everywhere you go!
Everything and everywhere is a photo waiting to be captured.
These images were captured at the Marysvilles Worlds Longest Lunch on Friday 4 March.
I know I did, looking at every aspect to seek out a image that would remind me of the event, its food and wine, sights and smells and the VIP's.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

businesses supporting local events

One thing I have learnt over the many years I have been in business;
what comes around goes around...and well two things then;
to lead you must serve.

And I like making a difference, If that happens I find everything else in my life falls in to place.
Plus I enjoy helping out with events that bring people together!

Since moving up here from the big smoke ten years ago to the Upper Goulburn region I have enjoyed business, tourism, visitors and the economic sustainability it brings our towns and villages. One of the plus's was meeting up with a dynamic and proactive group called the Upper Goulburn Food, Wine and Culture group.

One such event that myself and my business supports is the Marysville's World's Longest Lunch.(the long lunch volunteer team also support this event and with out them the event would not be the success it is today!)

Tickets are still available for Marysville’s Worlds Longest lunch to be held on Friday 4 March as part of the 19th Melbourne Food and Wine Festival (4-14 March 2011).

Attendees to the lunch will enjoy being part of Marysville’s long table that will meander on the gorgeous Steavensons River flats set in the lush green valley, where four of our finest chefs will prepare a sumptuous menu, matched with Upper Goulburn wines.
Students from Holmesglen and Alexandra Secondary College will be the wait staff who will work in with chefs from Rennies at Acheron, Fragas Café, Cumquat Restaurant, Lake Mountain Alpine Resort and My Chef Mike to showcase great hospitality and the regions best in produce.

This year’s event will be the seventh and is a still a popular way to relax, mingle with locals, friends and family and visitors from Melbourne and enjoy the regions finest in food, wine and culture.

Matched with rabbit, trout and local lamb will be a lovely mix of wine varieties including Sparkling Brut, Pinot Noir Rose, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Cabernet Sauvignon and a late picked Riesling. There will also be a cold Raspberry Ale. Some of the labels featured include Little River Wines, Jamieson Brewery, Ros Ritchies, Kinloch, Snobs Creek, Sedona and Delatite. All this will be accompanied by music from Pans on Fire and the Becky Moore Quartet.

Sam Hicks the event organiser commented “this year’s event sees many tourism and community partnerships and as in previous years there will be fun auctions and raffles to aid our communities.

2011 will see the Lunch team allocating nearly five thousand dollars from the efforts of the 2010 event to local groups who apply to the group for funding for local community projects.” This primarily is to aid bushfire recovery in the Murrindindi region” says Sam.

“ Our committee invite community groups to apply for a share of the funds that will be announced at this years lunch by applying by email with your project name, contact details of your group, an outline of no more than 150 words of your community based project and how much money your project requires to
info@uge.asn.au by COB. February 15 2011.Enquires 5772 3227”

And will there be a celebrity at this year’s event? “It’s a surprise, we are not telling at this stage”
Marysville’s Worlds Longest lunch is one of more than 250 food and wine experiences on offer across Victoria during Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

So gather your friends and join in the celebration of food and wine at Maryton Park B&B Country Cottages in Maryton Lane, Marysville on Friday 4 March – tickets selling fast!

For event and booking details, visit
www.uge.asn.au or to book tickets: Ticketmaster on 136 100

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Global Eye Images launched

Check out this recently posted short video to YouTube introducing the new Stock Photo Library, if you enjoy it pass it on to anyone else you think might enjoy it.

got to love new libraries!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

DIY PR Mentor Program helps small businesses get results

Check out the latest from PR Guru Julie....

To satisfy the increasing number of small business owners bypassing PR agencies to do-their-own publicity, Melbourne based agency, JMM Communications has introduced PR Guru’s DIY PR Mentor Program to help small businesses get better results.

The six step, online coaching program/webinar series is run by media relations expert and founder of PR Guru, Julie Morgan, who has over 25 years running a PR agency. It starts on 17 March 2011.

Julie says, "This six step DIY PR Mentor program has been developed to assist anyone struggling to get results when they do their own PR. Our Mentor program walks you through the key stages of a publicity campaign so that you can really hone your skills, so that you don’t waste your time or, that of a journalist.

The Mentor program will deliver:
6 x 50 minute webinars that guide you through the PR stages (over 12 weeks)
A 15 minute 1:1 consultation to review your progress and answer your queries
A copy of the PR Guru DIY Publicity Guide
A media database list from the PR Guru suite, plus templates and tools to put your plan into action.

By the end of the program participants will know how to identify news, write a press release, compile a media kit, identify target market and media, refine a media pitch, become interview ready and business ready, incorporate social media as well as maximise results.

Details: PR Guru DIY PR Mentor Program - starts 17 March. Cost: $598
Book now to get 15% discount and free booklet: Behind the Newsdesk: 2 minutes with Australian journalists and presenters.