Monday, January 16, 2012

Great gem of a book!

Today in the email inbox I came across an e-book a freebie that is a beauty!

50 gems from Australia’s top SME entrepreneurs by
In it is 50 quotes from SME’s that they have interviewed and I enjoyed reading it.
Well I didn’t read the lot merely flicked through it but I found number 45 to be appropriate to all of us out there in social media land..

“Social media matters a lot!
There’s a new group of people who are on Facebook and their iPhones, tagging places that they have been to and eaten at.

I think that can become very infectious and good for businesses that do very well and not so good for businesses that don’t have a good reputation.

It only takes one negative tweet about an employee not doing the right thing to their staff and it can go viral.”   

Marcus Sellen, Selmar Institute of Education

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2/3 can I make the hat trick ?

Happy New Year and all that Jaz! 

I love to shop but the thing that lets most retailers down is their staff  - their ability to strike up a relationship with their customers and then ensure the vital part of a sale is to ensure the customers purchase will make a difference in their life in a timely and polite no crap kinda way.

Simple enough? Nope it seems there is no staff training out there in retail land.... or is there...

Think about it for a moment:

If I could sell you something that would improve your quality of live, make more time for you to enjoy the quality times in your life  - whether it be down time, time with family or bring some pleasure to your little neck of the woods?

Have I got your attention?



you betcha!

I know I would….my time is valuable, im a busy person, businesses, family and lots of volunteer commitments….I scream from the roof…

In the past I have had less than satisfactory experiences with phone retail and especially retail online….after all its global, your a faceless number/ name out there in the Internet of life...

But my 2 latest online chat/retail experiences have been unreal – a great start for 2012 and slowly restoring my faith in on-line retail experiences.

Meaning that most online purchases through ebay/online stores etc are usually straight forward.

But if you happen to have a slightly out of the box retail need....hold on its real windy out there...

But in saying all that... I have tried the the latest online retail fad – support chat….

Real people that can make decisions...OMG!

1/ update software, tricky one... this one..... need to upgrade from a very old Adobe product to latest version with all the bells and whistles…please make this simple for me...

2/update phone as 4 year phone is out of contract and wont update itself any more, needs a bin real fast.. who doesn't love dealing with telco's... oh dear.... headache tablets at the ready.

Task 1 – results: search on-line, log in, find chat on-line support - OMG its a real person with the same name as me....a little spooky ....
total time 23 minutes for online questions, selection, extra purchase, payment – delivered to my door within 7 days from Ireland.


Task 2 – results: 33 minutes for lots and lots of questions back and forth, selection of handset, choose plan choice, billing choice, proof of identity and finally payment – delivered to my door within 7 -10 working days ( they promised )

OMG and they even rang me when the connection was dropped via bad weather..
they I had a nice chat with my online support person who was so SWITCHED ON.

Love it!

that's what it is about....I'm a loyal customer will tell 25+ of my friends and sing their corporate praises online....everywhere...

Task three to purchase IT equipment on line....searching for the support we blog...

Maybe my faith in retail especially online is being restored...