Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fruit Fruit glorous fruits

I love taking photos of fruit, they are the greatest still life subject.
They dont move and their detail is wonderful.
You can take the shots in a studio or out in the orchard!
Choose a still day, somedays the wind moved the leaves around!
Cherries are a favourite, their colour is to die for, as long as you can get the WB correct.
My Nikon doesnt particulary like red. But I love the challenge.
The plums in hand were an added bonus.
Bottled fruit is next!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Len Baby Lens Baby Lens Baby ahooo!

What fun, what possibilities for creativity, what freedom!

I gave this lens a test out and I loved it!

What simplistic features, with MUSE three basic components:

- 37mm Threads
- Focusing collar
- Lens mount
- Aperture disks


Now if you’re a Nikon lover, your camera will need to be in manual mode and check the manual for the adjustment for the diopter- if needed.

Using the camera in slightly different way holding the camera and lens focus using the collar, pull in or push out once focused use the front collar to tilt to the left or right up or down until your sweet spot is found.

For a pure creative indulgence you cant go past this baby lens, the endless possibilites attracted me, there are no hard and fast rules..
That’s basically it but what I like is the different aperture disks as these control the size of the sweet spot, the larger the opening the smaller the sweet spot.

Sounds easy?

I thought so but im still practising and practising, see an early result!
More to follow follow follow...

Want to know more check out

Friday, November 20, 2009

Lighting - do it how you want!

Lighting and studio set up are always big disscusion points.
For me i like to do not the norm, it makes for interesting shots.
The experts woudl say tsk tsk, but at the end of the day if you have happy customers you have done your job well!
A couple of my current favourites.
For me to review my lighting positions i use the Light cage @
just go to 3D workshop and then click on artificial lighting, then click on light cage. This hint was given to me by Madsens camera and imaging where I bought my studio set up.
These people have been in the camera business for 42 yearsRead more:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hay and sadness of breaking a lens

Insurance is great if you can get it!

I would like to find an insurance company that can insure against stupidity, as I dropped a lens, a nice 18-200 VR nikkor lens about 4 weeks ago.

But I’m elated as I have a new one now!
It’s like a comfortable pair of old shoes. I’m happy, the camera seems chirper and we are back snapping landscapes and objects close up with a nice DOF.

My camera just recently celebrated 10,000 shots. That’s 5000 shots per year, must remind myself to slow down to the 60 zone and enjoy the journey a bit more.
But thats about a 50/50 mix of work and personal so its all okay.
Here are some putting in the hay shots.
4 sec handheld, may try tripod next time, 24mm, f/ 3.8 @640 ISO.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

post exhibition excitment

Well its over!
The exhibition was great fun and its all over for 12 months now.

We had great fun meeting and greeting visitors and seeing the locals who were able to see our exhibition.
Of course we made lots of sales, took orders and made new friends.
Photo enthusiasts, professionals and lovers of photography came to visit and it was great chatting to all and finding out what makes them excited in this art form.
We had framed photos, unframed work, mounted work, images on canvas, art block and ice mounts to showcase our best!!
Here are two pics of the exhibition.

SPECIAL thanks to Don, Michelle, Bernhard, Di, Scott & Jim and all from Black Spur Inn team and all those who came along!
The positive feedback was huge, about our body of work, the venue and the Inn.
C u next year!