Sunday, July 25, 2010

When clouds are seen and fog lifts there is hope of warmer weather

"When clouds are seen, wise men put on their cloaks;

When great leaves fall, then winter is at hand;

When the sun sets, who doth not look for night?

Untimely storms makes men expect a dearth."

William Shakespeare

Being that today is the second day of sunshine
after it seems a week of overcast, frost and fog,
it reminds me how much I love the warmer weather
and sunsets that each close of day brings.
Enjoy my Murrindindi Sunset.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New website

I love new web sites!
I like seeing new webbies for businesses, a freshening up a tightening of the message and the offerings.
After having the same website for about 8 years I decided I wanted a fresh look.
So I approached a local designer and got a logo designed!
Wow expensive you may say!! Well no!
I found a talented local designer who doesn't charge the earth!

Check out:

For a few years now I had been referring clients to
Now it was time to take the plunge myself.
This dynamic company designs with you your home page, sets up your pages as per your needs and for a small monthly charge hosts your website all in a creative online process that is easy to be part of.
You are in control of text and photos and setting up internal and external links. Their offerings are too many to list here, I have a blurb about them on my website under websites.
This is what is referred to as a content management system (CMS).

So check out my new webbie :

Special offer:
For my clients and any business in the Upper Goulburn Region websitegurus have a special 2 part offer, if you are interested about updating and are a sole trader or a representative of an Incorporated body or group simply drop me an email and ask about the special deal.

happy marketing...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The 2010 Australia Post - Our Community Photo Bank Awards

This just came across my desk....
I love competitions... some are better than others and some are way more interesting...see what you think.

The 2010 Australia Post - Our Community Photo Bank Awards are now open for submissions.
The awards are designed to draw out the photos that will help show Australia the amazing breadth of community sector work that is being undertaken, while providing a pool of great shots for community groups to use in their own marketing efforts.

A total of $5000 is up for grabs:
$1000 for the photograph and $1500 for the nominating community group in two
categories: the most popular picture and the picture that best exemplifies the work of Australian community groups.

The competition was launched at the Communities in Control conference last month.
The photo thought to best exemplify the work of community groups last year was of an older member of the Beaconsfield CFA showing a young member of the Hillcrest Rangers Scout Group how to hold a fire hose.

Most Popular Picture went to the Australian Rett Syndrome Association for a photograph of a five-year-old girl who has Rett Syndrome.
You can submit your photos by uploading them at or posting them on a disc:
Photo Bank, Our Community, PO Box 354, North Melbourne, 3051. Don’t forget to include a caption, the photographer’s name, the name of the community group, and some contact details.

By entering the competition you are agreeing to allow people to share and use the photo under a creative commons licence. That means that people are free to use the photograph, providing they providing attribution and the publication is not for commercial use.
Entries are open until October 15
To find out more and see all of the photos submitted so far, go to