Monday, June 29, 2009

Working with children and animals they say can be tricky!!

Unless the animal you wish to photograph have loves cheese.
Our friend who is also a photographer took these photos of our dog.
He was a good subject except for the drool.
If you are a boxer owner you will understand.

I asked Roger why he wanted to take photos of our boxer and his response's was "I was looking for a photographic dog."
He was great to take photos of and its always great to work with a like minded photographer on a nights muck around with the camera and a nice subject.
Check out the results of the 4 photos above.

Tech tip:

I think its important to build up a relationship with an animal you wish to photograph, pick your surroundings well, our lounge room was perfect, we set up a stand well behind the dog, draped with black material, we used shiny fabric but it didn't reflect back at all.
He, the subject, was sitting on his "rug" in his surroundings, therefore comfortable with his surroundings, Roger and was very interested in the cheese.
Camera used was a D300 handheld, with external flash, and we used a piece of polystyrene sheet (out of a packing box) to diffuse light and bounce the light back towards our subject.