Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scan art? To scan or not to scan.

that is the question....
Scan art? What the fudge?

Its a fun way of using your scanner for less serious things. is a website devoted to the art of scanning, there is some interesting effects I must say , I have only just scraped the surface.
From abstract, animal, botanical, illustrative, movement, objects and painting on scanner to portraits…weird and wonderful!

There are some interesting portrait works by Cassandra Leopold, check her blog out:

See Jamie’s unusual technique for painting on glass on his scanner and the results he has come up with :

On, Chris’s ability to turn everyday objects in to scan art, animals and insects help him to be ever so creative. Lots of explanations as well.

See my first attempts with the leaves.
Now I can begin to play with beads and nuts and seedpods on sticks..... what fun!!