Monday, June 8, 2009

Old cars and fellow friends

Old cars and fellow friends

I just love how two people can perceive, view and extract different thoughts, emotions and feelings from the same photograph.

I took some photos of an old Chrysler rusting quietly in a shed many years ago.
After cropping the original image I started playing with the image in Photoshop.

A friend of ours was over and he looked at what I was doing on the screen and said can I have a go?
So we took the image back to its original cropped state and he began to play.

With my image I thought the interaction between the badge and the radiator was important, the cobwebs showing its age and its immobility was secondary.
I over exaggerated the detail as I felt this was part of the age and texture of the car, I enjoyed the fact that the cap had long gone and that the rust could be enriched by colour enhancement.

Our friend thought the radiator and the cobwebs needed to be the main focus of the image and he blurred the foreground to highlight the cobwebs.
He didn’t over exaggerate the rust and texture as he wanted the focus to be on the
radiator and the cobwebs.

Can you see the difference?
Which one do you prefer?