Saturday, August 1, 2015

Oh my love Instagram….

I’m not sure if it’s the filters, the hashtags, the integration with Facebook or simply the fun way to share the photographic snapshots of time that make up life.
I can put up video, a photo or three, play with filters and whammy I can share to other social media…

I along with 300M plus users per month are I’m afraid to say addicted to the #
You can be trending, or specific to your industry or just use one # whatever your pleasure!

I can manage my filters and only select the favourite ones for next time to make my posting easy!
But with such names as toaster, aden and rise….
I can be highly creative or just go the #nofilter!
Or if I want a bit of spice LUX!

I can go public or private, like posts and my personal favourite I can save original photos…
I can follow my favs, reshare and like……whats not to like?
But what if I want to get the most out of Instagram?
The new layout #Layout from Instagram is the way to go

#loveinstagram#photobysamhickscomau#nofilter#oranges#reflection#farmlife#farm#freshfruit#homegrown #samhickscomau @samhickscomau

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Humour for the weekend...

Stranger: "That is a beautiful child you have there." 

Mother: "That's nothing. You should see his photograph." 

Monday, June 4, 2012

North East Community Initiatives

Found about about a new organisation today - have a quick read about NECI :
North East Community Initiatives has been established to assist in the recovery of our community and to develop businesses that provide employment and training opportunities for our youth and the disengaged.
North East Community Initiatives Key points:                                                                                                      
·       Not for profit Social Enterprise
·       Established to benefit our community
·       Regional youth
·       Disadvantaged 
·       Local employment opportunities
·       Learning & development opportunities

The first business we have rolled out is North East Publishing a printing organisation based in Kinglake. Delivering quality printing services whilst benefiting our community and youth. 
North East Publishing key points and services offered:
-        Printing & Graphic arts
-        Short and long term employment
-        Training and development
-        Work experience
-        Trainee-ships
-        Trade accreditation
-        Mentoring
Our Services Offered:
*        Graphic Design
*        Pre-press
*        Offset printing
*        Digital printing
*        Bindery
*        Finishing

Supplying all forms of general printing:  

*        Production of books                                                                                    
*        Advertising and marketing material
*        Community newspapers, community flyers
*         Posters

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you in the future

Brad Quilliam - Director
T:  +61 3 5786 1474
m:  0488 998 338

Friday, May 18, 2012

Best photo tip of the week 18 May 2012

Diffusers....I learnt something, a neat trick this week. ( I learn a new thing everyday )

Use a frosted white shower curtain ( leave the floral ones for the shower or the skip - which ever applies )
and attach to your chosen well lit or over lit window to get a great diffused light for an indoor shot.

Especially handy if your looking to use the window as side lighting...make sure your a small distance away and shooooooot!


Friday, March 9, 2012

money money money in a rich world

The top 10 ($US billion) were announced by Forbes;

1. Gina Rinehart 18.00
2. Ivan Glasenberg 7.20
3. Andrew Forrest 5.30
4. James Packer 4.50
5. Frank Lowy 4.40
6. Harry Triguboff 4.00
7. Anthony Pratt 3.40
8. John Gandel 3.20
9. Angela Bennett & Michael Wright 2.30
10. Kerr Neilson 2.10

Does money really make you happy?

The more money and business interests people have the more calculated risks you must take sometimes on a daily and hourly basis.

Some of these people listed above are in the news for all the wrong reasons. 
Dip in share/stock prices, family feuds, investigations, lower retail spend and reports of bad choices in business interests.

Think to be happy one must take stock of what is important, health, family and secured set of values…and if your self employed and doing alright....LIFES great!!

If you have that then you must be number one on the list.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Highs and lows

Today has been full of highs and lows, 
this morning I find out a distant older friend Gwen passed away, 
a real gentlewoman who was very creative in all that she touched whether it was cooking or photography.

Gwen loved her landscapes and I have had the pleasure of judging her images and also
judging and Gwen being a steward.
Gwen may you rest in peace now and always have a camera handy.
A wonderful, beautiful person sadly missed.

The other was a high, 
a business I have known about for 10 years, never heard a bad word about them, always been too far away to consider for quotes, but hey presto there is email now...
thought I'd give them a go in regards to some printing I needed done.
Tight deadlines, didn't pick the stock just emailed the order through this week ...and Ta Dah!,
ready for pick up tomorrow.
The owner has just emailed me and offered to meet me half way on the road for delivery.

A great rule for being in businesses - exceed expectations every time..
You will win customers for life.

Friday, February 10, 2012

When size does matter!

Often I am asked; what lens do you have for your camera's?

what size?

what is your dream lens?

This gets me fired up, I Start thinking if I had a bigger lens just think of the shots I could take..

mmm, birds, nightscapes, animals, landscapes, seascapes, oh dear the list is long and wide...

But when is many lenses too many, do we really use them all?

I have many lenses from an analogue camera and I can only remember using 2.

So is it worth it having all that pretty and expensive glass sitting around?

I convince myself that the 4 lenses I have for my Nikon are ENOUGH!

Then a friend comes over, sits outside for a short time and emails me this image...

Damn it I want a bigger telephoto/ zoom.....after all there is room in the camera bag seriously!!

Photo by R. Martin.