not the usual sunday upload

Today rather than a photo or three ( well I may not be able to help myself later )
I thought I'd mention a subject that has got a few of the followers of digital-photography-school a little hot under the collar.

Steve Buchanan was a guest contributor on a story regarding basic food photography and how to set up your kit.

his comment below:

"1. Any Canon or Nikon DSLR.
I don’t care how many mega pixels, or if it shoots video, or whether its full frame or dx sized. Just so you like it and you’re comfortable using it. I know Sony, Fuji, Pentax and others make perfectly good dslrs, but Canon and Nikon have the largest user base and accessory range, and that will be important to you some day. Also, when it’s time to upgrade, Canon and Nikon usually have a better resale value. My primary camera is a Canon 5D.

Now the dynamic editor and founder of the site: Darren put a comment up underneath this piece as I'm sure his eyebrows went up too... ( you can almost hear him thinking: uh oh!!)

"From the Editor (Darren Rowse): Thanks to Stephen for this post. Of course his point on Canon/Nikon cameras is probably going to cause some debate (going on past experience).
I’m more than happy for this debate to happen below - just please be civilized.
For the record - DPS loves great images - not any particular brand of camera.

If you can take a great shot with a Sony, Pentax, Sigma or even a Kodak… that’s fantastic!
Use what your finances, preferences and situation leads you to and keep shooting!"

So far as of today there has been 42 responses to the story and its growing...
everyone has an opinion it seems on their equipment.

And you guessed so do I:

"I don't think its about the gear I think its about the person behind the lens.
I have seen some fantastic photos taken with very basic point and shoot cameras.
& of course I have seen some fantastic photos taken with high end cameras as well.
Its about technique, individual style and portrayal of the subject by the artist behind the lens.
The output, the result on what ever medium, paper, canvas etc is the MOST EXCITING THING!"

(For the record I have many cameras but my fav's are my Nikon D300 and my Samsung Pro 915.)

I'm sure this debate has gone on much like Holden and Ford cars- forever.
But I love it when feathers are ruffled in the chook house and nothing spices it up like a good o'l equipment debate.
It gets everyone thinking about their favourite passion: photography.