Monday, May 18, 2009


Who doesn’t love a great sunset, makes you realise how pretty our world is.
Puts in to perspective how lucky I/we are to live here in the Upper Goulburn region.

Sunsets, oh I like to have the iso about 400 – 800 to capture that colour and F stops that carry on for a few stops whilst the sun is going down.
They say that sunsets are better before the sun goes down, and there is nothing like being up somewhere high to capture the sun disappearing beyond hills.

The purple shot was up on a property nearby, it was a very warm night and we were getting water for the stock.
I actually won an award for that one but in a portrait orientation.
The landscape orientated shot is how it should have been,
for impact I chose to submit the other.

The red one was during the warmer weather too and the times of the 2006 fires.

The yellow one was from our backyard one evening, I love to see so many different colours and cloud formations.