Sunday, May 17, 2009

Leaves, I promised more leaves..

The leaves, especially with Autumn tones and added bonus of a reflection fascinate me.
In a water bowl for the birds and the dog I can see autumn toned leaves (and a reflection) that have fallen in from the peach tree.

You can see here with a different depth of field and with and with out flash how different these shots can be.

The first shot ( just above the text) has no flash and im concentrating on the foreground.
The second shot I use a flash and im concentrating on the foreground.
The third shot I have focused on the background – the reflection.

The forth shot I have played with the image in Photoshop, adjusted tones, colour and contrast, played with curves and finally a beautifier filter from Red Paw. Its very dark and somewhat mystical.

Then there were some leaves still left on the peach tree, I couldnt resist.
Again playing in Photoshop this time cropped, and played with curves until it became polorised. They are now green witha silvery background.


I really wanted to see what it looked like on the blog with a black back ground.