Sunday, May 31, 2009

Black and white -landscape

There is something timeless and beautiful about black and white photography.
I first learnt about cameras and photography doing a black and white photography course.
I always feel I'm going back to basics when I go in search of a black and white shot.
I always love seeing and admiring black and white wedding photography, landscapes, family shots, fruit, portraits and the like.
Wedding photography is something i havent done and dont want to do.
But I am still interested in people who are fantastic at their craft.
Saw a particularly inspiring shot the other day on a website I follow.
The shot was of a wedding couple, portrait orientated on
The story seemed to be for me about the fact that they have the world at their feet, but the world was all around. The strength of the shot, the magnitude of the trees, the delicate image of the couple was wonderfully emotive. it!!!