Great gem of a book!

Today in the email inbox I came across an e-book a freebie that is a beauty!

50 gems from Australia’s top SME entrepreneurs by
In it is 50 quotes from SME’s that they have interviewed and I enjoyed reading it.
Well I didn’t read the lot merely flicked through it but I found number 45 to be appropriate to all of us out there in social media land..

“Social media matters a lot!
There’s a new group of people who are on Facebook and their iPhones, tagging places that they have been to and eaten at.

I think that can become very infectious and good for businesses that do very well and not so good for businesses that don’t have a good reputation.

It only takes one negative tweet about an employee not doing the right thing to their staff and it can go viral.”   

Marcus Sellen, Selmar Institute of Education