Thursday, October 27, 2011

HOw do you run an event on and round Melbourne Cup day?

One way is to look at successful events that make it happen!

Don't get me wrong the Melbourne Cup is a crowd puller, remember its the race that stops a nation.... see some data on this:

Anyhoo one event I have been studying is the Marysville Sparkling Wine Festival.

Here is a small village that has survived from the Bushfires of 2009 that has come together as one community to showcase what it has to offer over five massive days.

The Sparkling festival on the cup day is one component of what is happening in and around Marysville.

Community engagement, community pride and the willingness to say WE ARE HERE COME VISIT US! is so evident in the happenings.

Community groups have all provided an attraction to showcase their strengths and achievements.

How did they get the word out?

Social media, word or mouth, adverts, pre press releases, Melbourne based radio adverts, hosting and linking up with different events, attracting different target markets, showcasing stalls featuring food and wine, things for the adults as well as the kids and the only sparkling festival in Australia... clever!

So many things happening ..
something for everyone....
as well as the big screens with the race on!

So don't miss out, get dressed up and join in - come along and see for your self..

pure marketing gold