Saturday, November 21, 2009

Len Baby Lens Baby Lens Baby ahooo!

What fun, what possibilities for creativity, what freedom!

I gave this lens a test out and I loved it!

What simplistic features, with MUSE three basic components:

- 37mm Threads
- Focusing collar
- Lens mount
- Aperture disks


Now if you’re a Nikon lover, your camera will need to be in manual mode and check the manual for the adjustment for the diopter- if needed.

Using the camera in slightly different way holding the camera and lens focus using the collar, pull in or push out once focused use the front collar to tilt to the left or right up or down until your sweet spot is found.

For a pure creative indulgence you cant go past this baby lens, the endless possibilites attracted me, there are no hard and fast rules..
That’s basically it but what I like is the different aperture disks as these control the size of the sweet spot, the larger the opening the smaller the sweet spot.

Sounds easy?

I thought so but im still practising and practising, see an early result!
More to follow follow follow...

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