Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hay and sadness of breaking a lens

Insurance is great if you can get it!

I would like to find an insurance company that can insure against stupidity, as I dropped a lens, a nice 18-200 VR nikkor lens about 4 weeks ago.

But I’m elated as I have a new one now!
It’s like a comfortable pair of old shoes. I’m happy, the camera seems chirper and we are back snapping landscapes and objects close up with a nice DOF.

My camera just recently celebrated 10,000 shots. That’s 5000 shots per year, must remind myself to slow down to the 60 zone and enjoy the journey a bit more.
But thats about a 50/50 mix of work and personal so its all okay.
Here are some putting in the hay shots.
4 sec handheld, may try tripod next time, 24mm, f/ 3.8 @640 ISO.