money money money in a rich world

The top 10 ($US billion) were announced by Forbes;

1. Gina Rinehart 18.00
2. Ivan Glasenberg 7.20
3. Andrew Forrest 5.30
4. James Packer 4.50
5. Frank Lowy 4.40
6. Harry Triguboff 4.00
7. Anthony Pratt 3.40
8. John Gandel 3.20
9. Angela Bennett & Michael Wright 2.30
10. Kerr Neilson 2.10

Does money really make you happy?

The more money and business interests people have the more calculated risks you must take sometimes on a daily and hourly basis.

Some of these people listed above are in the news for all the wrong reasons. 
Dip in share/stock prices, family feuds, investigations, lower retail spend and reports of bad choices in business interests.

Think to be happy one must take stock of what is important, health, family and secured set of values…and if your self employed and doing alright....LIFES great!!

If you have that then you must be number one on the list.