When size does matter!

Often I am asked; what lens do you have for your camera's?

what size?

what is your dream lens?

This gets me fired up, I Start thinking if I had a bigger lens just think of the shots I could take..

mmm, birds, nightscapes, animals, landscapes, seascapes, oh dear the list is long and wide...

But when is many lenses too many, do we really use them all?

I have many lenses from an analogue camera and I can only remember using 2.

So is it worth it having all that pretty and expensive glass sitting around?

I convince myself that the 4 lenses I have for my Nikon are ENOUGH!

Then a friend comes over, sits outside for a short time and emails me this image...

Damn it I want a bigger telephoto/ zoom.....after all there is room in the camera bag seriously!!

Photo by R. Martin.