Highs and lows

Today has been full of highs and lows, 
this morning I find out a distant older friend Gwen passed away, 
a real gentlewoman who was very creative in all that she touched whether it was cooking or photography.

Gwen loved her landscapes and I have had the pleasure of judging her images and also
judging and Gwen being a steward.
Gwen may you rest in peace now and always have a camera handy.
A wonderful, beautiful person sadly missed.

The other was a high, 
a business I have known about for 10 years, never heard a bad word about them, always been too far away to consider for quotes, but hey presto there is email now...
thought I'd give them a go in regards to some printing I needed done.
Tight deadlines, didn't pick the stock just emailed the order through this week ...and Ta Dah!,
ready for pick up tomorrow.
The owner has just emailed me and offered to meet me half way on the road for delivery.

A great rule for being in businesses - exceed expectations every time..
You will win customers for life.

Things are never what they seem.,
This photo is dedicated to Gwen.