Wednesday, October 13, 2010

September news in October...

September newsletter out today...bit late but you know what they say better later than never.. here is a snippet..

Did you notice its only three months until Christmas?

AHHHH! Now that I have got your attention...

Emails, invoices and phone bank messages
Ever wondered how to extend your marketing with little or no budget?
Ensure your emails have a signature that includes your contact details, business tag line, website and any up and coming events, milestones or special announcements.
You can do this with your invoices too!
Don't forget to add your BSB and account information for payment as many
businesses pay by EFT (electronic funds transfer)

Phone bank messages - sometimes you have to pay for the expense of having a message bank. Think of when you have contacted a business only to find no message bank.
Have you rung the right number and how can you leave a message?
Nine times out of ten a potential customer will not ring back so it may have been a missed business opportunity..

happy marketing.... till next time..