Thursday, October 14, 2010

people and places

Sometimes you meet people and have an instant like of them.
We met Peta in Melbourne in September.

Peta was telling us of some of the wonderful places they (Peta and her hubby Ron) had discovered on their trip around Australia.

So what you may ponder..?
People travel around Australia all the time...
Yes but how many do it in style?

They are travelling on a wonderful boat, yes that's right a boat!
Well its much more than a boat, a small sailing ship we would call it as we are the non sailing variety.
So now we can enjoy reading and following their travels by checking in every so often to their travel blog.
What fascinated me is that they are living their dream, discovering Australia, its coastal cities, its people,the local fare and learning about each ports unique attributes.

What a lifestyle!! and then there is the fishing....
Imagine the photos one could take?? that's what id be doing 24/ click click...
You can see the images they have taken as Peta updates their travel blog for relatives and friends - a great variety each one telling its own story.

Live life and love it - I think Peta and Ron are doing just that!
Jealous yet??...we are! happy travels you two!