Friday, August 13, 2010

food photography

Food photography can bite, working with resturants, chefs and owners can be challenging but very rewarding.
Food has to be taken from the the pre are and set up very quickly, all sorts of considerations have to be thought about.
Convey the story that you wish to tell
The results have to be mouth watering

Some things I have learnt:
take a tripod and extra lighting
reflectors are a good thing too
small/ shallow depth of field
steam can be hard to work with
work fast
use cottaon wool to prop food if you need to
keep backgrounds basic
colours need to be worked on
you can use a small water spray to make vegies look fresher
always use fresh food
once you have taken your shots, change the angle spice it up a bit...
you can eat the props if your quick!
Enjoy the shoot - I do everytime!
Photos taken at Black Spur Inn - Narbethong.
The dessert was to die for and the hot chocolate was sensational!