Wednesday, June 23, 2010

okay seriously im in love with gigapan

You know what its like you ring up to order printing materials and you get talking to the sales rep and he just happens to be a on the ball type who knows his industry, loves photography and knows what is hot.

I buy regularly from Kayell Australia from the Melbourne office and Stan who is a professional sales person who is responsible for Sales, Service and Colour Management for Photography, Graphic Arts and Print for clients mentioned today this cooler than cool product.

They call is the EPIC pro for your DSLR its a fitting that produces effortlessly a gigapixel panorama.
It then works in with GigaPan Stich to combine 100's of photos in to a single panna and then uploads to

How does it work?? From the website:
"Simply attach your camera to it, then the EPIC directs you through the steps to capture a gigapixel image. You then set the upper left and lower right corners of your panorama and the EPIC works out how many photos your camera will need to take, hundreds or even thousands, and automatically organizes them into the correct rows and columns needed to capture your panorama. The robotic arm clicks away, capturing amazing detail in a short amount of time."
OMG how wonderful is this system??
like i said I'm in loveeeeeeeeeeeeee.
You also need to check out
Thanks Stan from Kayell - Melbourne what a rush of cool product!