Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ten things I have learnt in 22 years of business:

  1. Work hard, play hard and network network network!

  2. If it looks too good to be true it’s probably wrong for you!

  3. Keep current, nothing worse than a grumbling business owner who is not keeping up with the industry, whingeing about competition or not being aware of latest fads.

  4. Be contactable, so many businesses don’t have answer phones or my pet hate mobiles that don’t have message bank ARRR!

  5. Get business cards and carry them at all times.

  6. Give back to community, be generous, the return is priceless.

  7. The customer is gold, once they become copper - its time to move on!

  8. Word of mouth is your best advertising!!

  9. Learn how to multi task and be positive and last but not least..

  10. Learn to take time out, switch off and relax – do something you enjoy, life is way to short!