Wednesday, May 26, 2010

oh my god we need a name!


Whilst working out my small article for today's blog I got to thinking about names, branding and the whole marketing thing of a small business.

Then my inbox received an email from MOO.

Now Moo is a dynamic, fresh evolving business and they were running a story on their blog today called 'whats in a name'.

I watch with interest, as this company is so enthusiastic and that spreads more enthusing amongst their clients.

Businesses are looking/seeking to see other successful companies and they want to be part of that somehow.

Moo have some innovative ideas which they share with their clients regularly with their newsletters, blogs and their followers on the social media loop.

Check out a snippet from their blog:

"So, what’s the best way to come up with a company name?
Many small businesses begin with one employee – you. As a result, they begin with their owner’s name in their company name – Chanel, Jack Daniels, Ford, JP Morgan, Marks & Spencer, JC Penny for example.

For companies taking their owner’s name, it can be hard for clients and customers to tell the difference between brand and owner – something to remember if you’re active in social media. Where do your personal tweets stop, and your company’s start?

Other companies have a name that seemingly means nothing at all. For example, what does Google actually mean? There are lots of rumors behind the name, but where did the name Coca-Cola really come from ?
On delving a little deeper we learn that both of these names tell a story, and relate in some way to the history or nature of the business."

They raise interesting points here about stories, which always fascinate me (love a good case study!) and single identities.

You can struggle with this as sole trader in this country, everyone is watching all the time so you must be professional and diligent at all times....once the owner is crass or way too opinionated people can be turned off by your product or service..they cannot differentiate between you and the product and or service.

Its the most exciting time in a businesses' history is when they are comeing up with name, a look, themeing, deciding on corporate colours, developing style guides or deciding on to start on the branding journey.

Business is exciting thats why we do it!