Thursday, May 27, 2010

The dog and his friend Pippa

Photographing animals especially pets can be challenging.
They are so interested in what you are doing their eyes and heads follow your every move.

Some times its nice when you look after friends animals you can bug them with a camera every so often and they remain less challenging.

One thing I enjoy about the photographs it that you can change them to black and white, this gives them I feel a whole new look as you dive in to the world of contrast!

These are just two happy snaps with no set up of two dogs.
Pippa was just wonderful as she dozed in the sun, with out a care in the world.
The other one I'm afraid is our dog and he is now the right royal poser.
The eyes and getting down to their level are the two best rules I try to remember.
Background and light are also very important with of course natural light being the best.