Sunday, September 13, 2009

Books books and more books - e books

Book books and more books, just when you thought you had filled up the book case, now you can fill up the ol computer.
I was snooping around for a book today, looked in the bookcase and like clothes in the cuboard nothing I liked today.
So online I go and I found it.

Perfect Digital Photography By: Dickman Jay and Kinghorn Jay
Published By: McGraw-Hill Edition: 2
According to, this is a the second edition from Jay Dickman and Jay Kinghorn.

They go on to say
" In this completely updated, full-color work, a Pulitzer Prize-winning National Geographic photographer and an Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert guide you through the entire photographic process, from composition to printing and archiving.

The expert techniques inside this masterful guide help you greatly improve both the quality of your photographs and your proficiency in the digital darkroom.

Perfect Digital Photography, Second Edition covers the latest technologies, including digital SLR cameras, Adobe Photoshop CS4, and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and offers tips for developing an efficient workflow.

Stunning color photographs throughout the book show you the results that you too can achieve."

I was so impressed with this e book I bought it..
Nothing like a good read on a lovely sunday afternoon....and you can never have enough books or e books!!