Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New lens like new car...mmm

Smell that leather, appreciate the interior, what colour is it?

How fast does it go, how many kms to the litre do you get?

Well it’s the same with a new lens.

What brand?, what is the mm range on it?

Is it macro?

Is it zoom?, does it come with VR or camera shake stopping features?, did you get any filters?, what can it do, are you happy with it!??

How does it work with your camera, how does it rate with another brand?

Oh I'm getting dizzy....

From one camera lover to another - a nice new piece of glass is another opportunity to explore and try new subjects.

To enjoy and see how they interact with you, your camera and your veiwer as you showcase the story you are trying to tell in each shot.

Call me a romantic...a thrill seeker of the frozen moment in time....thats me!!